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Cannot see bottom content of workboard column when column header has more than one line
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. PHP 8.2.8, Phorge at 309d9b853a699944a7d7b78e365e264b5b666094
  2. Go to http://phorge.localhost/project/edit/form/default/ and create a project with the name LongWorkBoardColumnNames
  3. Create a new empty workboard for that project at http://phorge.localhost/project/board/14/
  4. Add a bunch of tasks to that project/column so that you have to scroll the column to see the tasks at the bottom
  5. In the column header of the "Backlog" column, select the button and select Edit Column
  6. Set the column Name to This is a longer column name so the name in the header will cover multiple lines and select Save Column
  7. On the workboard, scroll down to the bottom of the column

Expected behavior:
Last task card in column can be read and is fully displayed, like with a one-line column header:

Screenshot from 2023-07-13 16-16-31.png (501×917 px, 57 KB)

Actual behavior:

  • Last task card cannot be fully read, additional whitespace displayed at the bottom below the column end
  • .phui-workpanel-body-content hardcodes max-height: calc(100vh - 162px) thus ignores a not-one-line-only height of the column header

Screenshot from 2023-07-13 16-17-07.png (501×917 px, 65 KB)

Screenshot from 2023-07-13 16-17-11.png (501×917 px, 60 KB)