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Twitch auth provider is not working - old twitch API has been decomissioned
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the twitch kraken API has been decommissioned and replaced by the helix API. Using the actual auth provider will result in an error asking to upgrade to new API. The actual auth provider is not able to retrieve oauth token neither user information. URLs has changed and users REST endpoint has changed.

The two following patches have fixed the issue on my local install but I'm not sure that the return statement is the arcanist.diff is correct (I'm not a PHP dev)

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just a small precision, when I said that I'm not sure about the return statement, I meant that it's working but I don't know if there is some need for testing for null data

@k__nard: do you mind submitting the diffs as revisions using arc diff?

also link to the updated Twitch docs about the auth API?

ok, I'll try. is there any expectation or format for the git message ?

ok, done. But I don't know how to fix the unit tests. after running celerity map command what should I do ?

running celerity map should just fix it. I'll take a look.

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