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Improve page layout for mobile devices
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There are issues on certain pages with the way content is laid out when viewing content on a mobile device.

Examples from Maniphest:

Screenshot_20211027-203500.png (1×720 px, 91 KB)

Screenshot_20211027-203526.png (1×720 px, 109 KB)

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It's not just visual - I'm actually unable to open the individual tasks.

What mobile display are you using? From the screenshots it looks like based on the dimensions of the display phorge isn't detecting that it should render as mobile view.

It's a 720x1440 device, which is on the low end of screen resolutions nowadays.

What browser are you using? This has been a persistent thing for me on Firefox across multiple mobile devices. E.g., from a fresh Android 12 install on a 2340x1080 screen with "Show Desktop Site" turned off in Firefox 94.1.2:

Screenshot_20211205-085710.png (1×864 px, 144 KB)

(also refreshing the weirdly-rendered page once it loads corrects the problem)

Hmm, yeah, looks to be something with how Firefox renders sites... Can confirm that reload fixes the layout.

valerio.bozzolan subscribed.

Unsure how to help here :) If this happens again, please reopen. Thanks!