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Deal with DST_Root_CA_X3 expiry (Let's Encrypt)
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As documented here:

Since DST_Root_CA_X3 expired on September 30th, any kind of HTTPS hook against a Let's Encrypt HTTPS host is failing with "HTTP 60" in the HEAD log and an empty BODY log.

I managed to figure out this is to be fixed in rARC, specifically in resources/ssl/default.pem; but I'm unsure as to how that file was being maintained / generated. Hopefully somebody else knows and can chime in.

In the meantime I symlinked my (FreeBSD) system's CA bundle with:
ln -s /usr/local/share/certs/ca-root-nss.crt ${ARCANIST}/resources/ssl/custom.pem
which fixes the issue for me, but someone else is likely going to run against this issue.

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This is a duplicate of T15051 and potentially solved with D25023

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Oh my, sorry for the noise; my search-foo didn't find that.

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