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Is configuration deprecated?

Asked by l2dy on Oct 31 2023, 11:36.


From arc help land, --onto is said to be related to the configuration.

On the other hand, from arc get-config --verbose, is said to be the name of the default branch to land changes onto when arc land is run.

Is deprecated? Why is it still referenced in ArcanistDiffWorkflow.php?


Updated 101 Days Ago

That's an interesting question.

Using git grep, it looks like is only ever used in arc diff flow (to pick the default branch to diff against), and arc land is using

However, arc get-config doesn't mention at all - that might be a bug in arc get-config, because is set up in an ArcanistConfigurationEngineExtension, and is (presumibly) available for use in arc land.

It might make sense to try to dig into the history of why there's both and, but it looks like the current situation of having both is a bug that should just be addressed.

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