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Database tables documentation?
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Asked by Lectrician1 on Feb 13 2023, 15:56.


Is there any way I can see the layout of the database for each Phabricator application and their tables and the columns of each of the tables? I don't want to have to install Phabricator myself just to view the tables.


Updated 386 Days Ago

Phorge has 60+ databases with lot of tables. If you know a nice tool to display such complex situation, thank you for sharing.

Since I do not know any tool, I asked a software recommendation:

Updated 327 Days Ago

We don't maintain such a document, but you could build the schema by only following the "database" parts of the manual (getting the code and running ./bin/storage upgrade) and dumping the whole schema.
There's a "quickstart.sql" file that is sometimes created in this way - it's currently more-or-less up to date.

Then you can use any tool you have to view this schema...

Updated 416 Days Ago

I used MySQL Workbench to reverse engineer quickstart.sql and create diagrams for each DB, hopefully that's helpful. See my recent uploads for the SVGs.

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