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Lowest and Highest supported PHP
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Asked by oneitonitram on Oct 11 2022, 13:51.


What is the lowest and Highest supported PHP version in Phorge


Updated 615 Days Ago

The minimum version currently is 5.5, with 7.4 confirmed working.

You can try 8.x version PHP, and I'm successfully running Arcanist using PHP 8.1, but Phorge might be a different story.

Updated 494 Days Ago

PHP 8.0 works perfectly fine 8.1 isn’t fully supported.

Updated 125 Days Ago

Probably worthwhile to note, for those tracking this Q as well as anyone finding this via web search - as of recently, the brackets have moved to PHP 7.2 for the minimum, and the latest PHP 8 version, for the maximum.

See: D25537: Update PHP versions in install guide: Remove 5, Add 8..

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