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When setting up email initially, how does one send and track the results of sending a test email?
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Asked by eode on Jan 22 2024, 21:22.



To set up functioning outbound email service


  • Little to no feedback about the current state (other than number of emails in the queue, and some tertiary information). The kinds of feedback I'd expect are "Authentication error" or "Unrecognized domain name" or similar -- probably in a log file somewhere or provided on the /daemons page.
  • no configured email address to send emails to via ./bin/mail send-test, unless that works with accounts where the email address hasn't been confirmed via the email authorization process. ..a bit of the old chicken-or-the egg.

things I've tried

  • ./bin/mail send-test # and list-outbound and show-outbound
  • looking in /daemon and checking for info there


Updated 181 Days Ago

You can get more log output from the background processes, including mail sending and other activities, by running this command:

bin/phd log

Here is the --help for the phd log command:


log [options]
Print the logs for all daemons, or some daemon(s) identified by ID. You can
get the ID for a daemon from the Daemon Console in the web interface.

      --id id
          Show logs for daemon(s) with given ID(s).

      --limit N
          Show a specific number of log messages (default 100).

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