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Allow branch names to be integer values to avoid an InvalidArgumentException
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Authored by aklapper on Sat, Sep 16, 13:51.
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phutil_nonempty_string() is too strict for branch names, as there seem to be
cases that an integer value is passed. Thus us phutil_nonempty_scalar() instead.

EXCEPTION: (InvalidArgumentException) Call to phutil_nonempty_string() expected null or a string, got: int. at [<arcanist>/src/utils/utils.php:2124]
 arcanist(), ava(), phorge(), translations(), wmf-ext-misc()
   #0 <#2> phutil_nonempty_string(integer) called at [<phorge>/src/applications/repository/storage/PhabricatorRepository.php:749]

Closes T15640

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avivey requested changes to this revision.Sun, Sep 17, 07:35
avivey subscribed.

Why would a branch name be an integer and not a string?

Without a test plan / reproduction, these kind of changes could be hiding a real issue.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Sun, Sep 17, 07:35