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Fix PHP 8.1 "strlen(null)" exception which blocks rendering errors on Create Blueprint page
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Authored by aklapper on Tue, May 23, 19:25.
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strlen() was used in Phabricator to check if a generic value is a non-empty string.
This behavior is deprecated since PHP 8.1. Phorge adopts phutil_nonempty_string() as a replacement.

Note: this may highlight other absurd input values that might be worth correcting
instead of just ignoring. If phutil_nonempty_string() throws an exception in your
instance, report it to Phorge to evaluate and fix that specific corner case.

EXCEPTION: (RuntimeException) strlen(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated at [<arcanist>/src/error/PhutilErrorHandler.php:261]
arcanist(head=master, ref.master=e4fd31ec024e), phorge(head=D25240, ref.master=b1edfea09bad, ref.D25240=b1edfea09bad)
  #0 <#2> PhutilErrorHandler::handleError(integer, string, string, integer) called at [<phorge>/src/infrastructure/customfield/standard/PhabricatorStandardCustomField.php:392]

Closes T15413

Test Plan

Applied this change on top of D25239. Afterwards, the "Create Blueprint" page on /drydock/blueprint/edit/form/default/ after pressing the "Create Blueprint" button the page correctly renders the expected error that some fields cannot be empty.

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  3. src/infrastructure/customfield/standard/PhabricatorStandardCustomField.php

Also, try to create extra numeric fields (like in the User application) and try to send zero or 1 using Conduit user.edit.

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Build 488: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

This is that kind of scary thing that deserves our phutil_string_cast() trick, since the incoming value from PhabricatorStandardCustomField is probably too much wild, probably an integer, probably a boolean, probably an object.

I will try to do some fuzzy tests to see any implosion

valerio.bozzolan requested changes to this revision.EditedMon, May 29, 20:31

A programmer enters in a bar and orders a string

Order null

Order a "lizard"

Order the number 123...


Ouch sorry I was able to reproduce a crash creating an extra field of type numeric in an User:

echo '{
  "transactions": [
      "type": "custom.mycompany:estimated-hours",
      "value": 123
  "objectIdentifier": "@valerio.bozzolan"
}' | arc call-conduit --conduit-uri --conduit-token <conduit-token> -- user.edit

This is my /config/edit/user.custom-field-definitions/ needed to be able to reproduce that crash:

  "mycompany:estimated-hours": {
    "name": "Estimated Hours",
    "type": "int",
    "instructions": "Estimated number of hours this user needs to sleep well.",
    "required": true

Hoping to be useful see the inline comment for a proposal. I tested that proposal, without being able to cause a crash.


Proposed change:

$is_empty = phutil_string_cast($value) === '';
return $is_empty;
This revision now requires changes to proceed.Mon, May 29, 20:31

Uh neat. Thanks for that testing!