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Some organizations that use Phorge (or Phabricator) have published how-to documentation and videos for their users. Although some of the details may be specific to that organization, anyone serious about getting the most from their tools may benefit significantly by examining the practices of their peers. Organizations such as Wikimedia have invested a lot of time into getting the most out of Phorge. All of Wikimedia's work on Phabricator is shared under free license in the spirit of free knowledge and free software. Many other orgs have similarly shared their documentation on each organization's public Wikis ( and platforms like readthedocs)

One of the greatest advantages of free and open source software is that each user of the software can add value while we are all collectively rewarded with the knowledge gained through hard work and generosity. If you'd like to be informed by a multitude of diverse perspectives and experiences, then the following links are some of the best places to explore and learn about the practices of many open source projects that are part of the Phorge and Phabricator ecosystem:

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