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Update embedded phpqrcode from version 1.1.4 to 1.9.9
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Phorge uses phpqrcode version 1.1.4 from 2010100721 for one single use case: Generating QR codes for TOTP tokens in ./src/applications/auth/factor/PhabricatorAuthFactor.php: require_once $root.'/externals/phpqrcode/phpqrcode.php';.

Looking at the original repository history in (which may disappear on one day just like the Javelin website did), bumping Phorge's internal copy to (1.9.9 build 20130526) makes sense to me for one single reason:
It adds a lot of PHPDoc and in-code documentation which will come very handy one day if someone ever needed to develop a deeper understanding what this code is doing.

That very revision was also for example imported into

For the records, there also seem numerous forks with on-top changes on the interwebs (which often seem to be based on older 1.1.4), for example:

However I do not see any reasons to do heavier code lifting in Phorge and look into these, as our use case is so narrow.