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Maniphest: Tasks can be closed as duplicate onto another task multiple times
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a task (I'll call this task 1)
  2. Create another task (task 2)
  3. Go to task 2, and go to Edit Related Tasks -> Close as Duplicate
  4. Select task 1 and click Merge Into Selected Task
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4

Expected behavior:
A user could not close a task as a duplicate multiple times, especially onto the same task

Actual behavior:
The task is closed as a duplicate multiple times

Miscellaneous information:
Screenshot (in the wild):

2024-07-02_22-47.png (542×1 px, 117 KB)

Screen recording (in my test install):

Test install versions:

Event Timeline

Once we remove this, we'll need to handle this edge-case:

  • I've closed a ticket as "duplicate of T1", but I was wrong and want to mark it as "duplicate of T2" instead (and say it's not a dup of T1).

(There might already be some ways to do that, just flagging this as something to check/think about when implementing).

I haven't looked at Phorge's internals much yet, but perhaps the user could unmark a task as duplicate, or have the "Close As Duplicate" box be prefilled with the task that closed it and let the user deselect that and choose another one?