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Phorge doesn't seem to properly support gramatical gender
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The internationalization system supports gramatical gender in theory, but it looks like most messages, even ones that involve people, are not configured to use it properly. I tested this by adding, in a translations file:

  '%s added %s project(s): %s.' => array(
      '%s he-added a project: %3$s.',
      '%s he-added projects: %3$s.',
	  '%s she-added a project: %3$s.',
      '%s she-added projects: %3$s.',

This is similar to the example at, and, instead of properly inflecting on the grammatical gender of the person, produces:

[Invalid Translation!] The "en_US" language data offers variant translations for the plurality or gender of argument 1, but the value for that argument is not an integer, PhutilNumber, or PhutilPerson (it is a value of type "PhutilSafeHTML"). Raw input: <%s added %s project(s): %s.>.