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Improve messages when no image formats are supported (due to GD not installed)
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Jan 24 2024, 10:07
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F935372: custom-new.png
Jan 24 2024, 10:16
F935373: custom-old.png
Jan 24 2024, 10:16
F935371: browse-new.png
Jan 24 2024, 10:16
F935370: browse-old.png
Jan 24 2024, 10:16


Steps to reproduce:

  1. PHP 8.2.14 without GD installed and with rP7a86040f8a46e9f04466186db8a2c9fed792edc3 deployed in Phorge
  2. Create a project
  3. Go to http://phorge.localhost/project/manage/1/
  4. Take a look at the string below the "Upload Picture" button
  5. Select Edit Picture in the sidebar on the right to go to the Edit Project Picture at http://phorge.localhost/project/picture/1/
  6. On Custom: Choose Icon and Color..., Choose Background Color and Choose Icon, then click the Save Image button.

Expected outcome:
Comprehensible messages explaining that no image formats are supported.

Actual outcome:

  • Supported formats: under "Upload Picture"
  • This server only supports these image formats: . after trying to set a custom image via Custom