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Task configuration: required custom date/time field: impossible to define a meaningful default value
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We have added a required custom date/time field:

custom.date_reported": {
  "name": "CustomDat",
  "type": "date",
  "search": true,
  "required": true,
  "default": ""

It is not clear to me what to give as default value here. i tried with "", "-" and without specifying a default at all. In any case, when configuring the Task forms with the Phorge user interface, especially when trying to set up the anticipated default value for that field there is no obvious way to achieve that.

And it is equally not possible to provide the field as empty (with requirement to fill it by the task creator). The best i could get is to see "today at noon" or in numbers:

29-08-2022 12:00 AM

Although it was about 5PM when i actually tried it. Also i am afraid that the date is now baked in as default value. What can i do to get this solved?