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Cannot submit a revision - mysql problems?
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Asked by kuba-orlik on Dec 5 2023, 19:27.


I've just tried to submit a small diff to Phorge with arcanist (just a small typo in one file). I'm getting this error:

Unable to establish a connection to any database host (while trying "phabricator_config"). All masters and replicas are completely unreachable.

Here's the full output with --trace

Am I doing something wrong? It seems that is working OK, so the database seems up?


Updated 173 Days Ago

It was trying to run unit tests locally on your machine, which require a "local" mysql server.

In fact, I think it was just trying to load the test engine, and failed there - it's possible it would have decided not to run any tests later.

Updated 173 Days Ago

As already said, these unit tests are local ones. To skip them:

arc diff --nounit

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