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Phorge upgrade error PhutilURI::checkHrefType()
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Asked by bourbonz on Nov 23 2023, 08:41.



I hope this is the right place to ask for support, apologies if not

We upgraded Phabricator to Phorge early this year. I am trying to perform an update to the latest build and I am receiving error 'Call to undefined method PhutilURI::checkHrefType()'

I managed to git merge an august 2023 build '840a7fab2bc8', but anything higher I get the above message.
Any help on this appreciated



Updated 224 Days Ago

Yes! This is the right page for support.

It seems to me that you are updating "phabricator / phorge" but not Arcanist.

Try to update also Arcanist :)

Update From Phabricator

Note that, in general, it's required to always update phabricator/phorge and Arcanist together. (both from latest master, or both from latest stable branch - it's up to your decision, but always update them together)

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