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How can I display a checklist to users depending on the current status and type of the ticket?

Asked by vidhya on Sep 11 2023, 06:37.


Suppose I have a set of checklists created based on the ticket's status and type, and I'd like to display specific checklists depending on these criteria. How can I achieve this in Phabricator? If such a feature doesn't exist, could you please provide a solution?

For example, let's say I have ticket
Types such as "Feature," "Bug," and "Support," and
various Status stages like "Open," "In Progress," "Ready for Testing," "Testing," "Ready for Release," and "Resolved." Additionally, I've created checklists named "Checklist 1," "Checklist 2," and "Checklist 3."

I want to display "Checklist 1" and "Checklist 2" when the ticket type is "Feature" and the status is "In Progress,"
and show "Checklist 3" when the status is "Testing."


Updated 281 Days Ago

Simple and stupid: you can implement that using a bot user that updates the Task description, or updating an additional text field.

Look for "Herald webhook" to receive these events. Look for "Conduit API" to push changes.

Other persons will then reply with "do your extension". Indeed you can also do that but I usually go for a bot.

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