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wiki (phriction) page doesn't utilize full screen width like most other pages do

Asked by ken on Sep 11 2023, 06:30.


The width of the wiki page on my 2560x1440 screen only utilizes about half the width of the screen. The rest of the left and right are blank white space.
Most other phorge pages do utilize the entire width of my screen and don't lose any space.

Is this a bug, an oversight, or simply not got to fixing this yet?

Thanks for a wonderful product.
Your hard work has not gone unappreciated.



Updated 212 Days Ago

First of all, if you have some CSS suggestions, feel free to share!

It's just a guess, but I think the Phriction component tried to reduce "web frictions" (??) and it tried to somehow reduce the page width to be more similar to the limitations of an A4 paper sheet that has not infinite width.

I think this, since it has a rare Print button, and - at least to me - the layout of the web document is not too distant from its printed version using my system fonts, and I'm somehow happy with that most of the time. But I would be one of the firsts to say with you that: yep, more width could be appreciated.

Note that, to apply local CSS patches, we have some documentation:

And, interestingly, the Diviner documentation is also not 100% stretched. So I would say that these are not bugs. But of course something lovely with great margin of improvement.

Updated 211 Days Ago

Thanks for the response.
Unfortunately I'm not a web developer and can't write css, but I do appreciate your agreement that more width would be nice.

All I can say is that I'd be happy when the phorge team implements this when you have the time (the earlier the better :) )

Updated 211 Days Ago

I think this goes back to 2-3 cycles of UI refresh - at one point the whole site was set at some limited width - it is (or was) considered good practice, because too-long-lines make reading harder.

Most of the site made the move to full-width later, but the wiki remained - I don't remember now if that was intentional (to make reading easier) or not (the wiki has lots of different CSS from the rest of the site).

Since then, we don't actually have anyone who answers to the "web designer" title :(

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