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File Visibility

Asked by kfoster on Aug 30 2023, 17:56.


At times, when an user creates a ticket or wiki and inserts a media file (image or video), the file is set to restricted. Now, the question how do I set the system to automatically set these files as public visible for all? Thank you.


Updated 229 Days Ago

There's no way(1) to set the default visibility of files to Public, but files can be Attached to other objects (tickets and wiki pages). Files that are Attached to an Object can be seen by anyone that can see the Object; See for example F293029 - it has "Can View: No One", but it's completely public because it's Attached to public macro

In theory, files that are inserted into wiki/ticket/comment should normally be Attached automatically, but we have some bugs around this - see T15106 and related tasks.

(1) There's a config for "Default Visibility" from applicationsConfigure Files, but that doesn't apply to all ways of creating Files.

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