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Starting over after catastrophic S3 loss

Asked by revi on Aug 9 2023, 09:53.
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First of all, mea culpa for deleting the S3 bucket in use for phorge… (more of that I deleted the AWS account, thinking I had no AWS dependency anymore while retaining phorge on AWS)

So, I'm now stuck in a limbo for missing files, profile images (it seems that uploading same file again doesn't work to restore the previous profile image), etc etc. I'm fine with losing it but it seems that there's some more gotcha for staying in limbo, so is there some ways to escape from the limbo without… starting from scratch?


Updated 338 Days Ago

It kinds of depends on exactly which limbo you're in, but there's some tools in bin/ to help you recover.

bin/files rebuild looks like it mostly recreates mime data from actual file content, but bin/files compact has a chance of actually recovering the broken files if you re-upload them.

bin/cache purge has some caches that might help from clearing - specifically builtin-file.

bin/garbage might help collect metadata of broken files.

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