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Conpherence notification settings are in inconsistent location
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Asked by bfs on May 4 2023, 09:06.


(I don't have privileges to create tasks, so am filing this here.)

Conpherence has a panel in Settings > Applications with a setting for "Conpherence Notifications," which allows selecting "Send Email" or "Send Notifications." This seems to be inconsistent with every other application's notification settings which appear under Settings > Email Preferences. It took me a few minutes to find the setting for Conpherence to turn off emails because of this. I would propose that this setting should be moved into the Email Preferences panel in order to maintain consistency.

Also, all other notification settings allow three choices ("Email," "Notify," "Ignore), whereas the separate Conpherence setting only lets the user pick between emails or notifications. It should probably be permitted to ignore Conpherence notifications as well.


Updated 345 Days Ago

Just to try to clarify the current notification configs in Conpherence, let's compare them to Maniphest:

Object settingJoin / Unjoin / Room Settings Notificationssubscribe / unsubscribe / users can just mute
User settingsnoneavailable
Global users settingsnoneavailable
Application settingsavailablenone

Now, with these premises:

If we all agree that the current backend can make sense, I also agree that its current frontend is a bit counter-intuitive.

Maybe, the personal SettingsEmail Preferences could have a mention to Conpherence, to say "list your Rooms and change your Settings" with a link to /conpherence/search/ or something

Also, the global Email Preferences could have a mention to Conpherence as well, to link the SettingsApplications.

Sorry if this is not really a solution, but maybe it's a good starting point for doing something next and better integrate

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