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Are Workboards broken for Milestones since March 27, 2023?
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Asked by dadalha on Mar 30 2023, 22:21.


Please see the concern I raised here:

(It seems like I don't have permissions to create tasks, so I'm using the channel to communicat the issue. Hope it is okay.)


Updated 480 Days Ago

You cannot create tasks unless you are a member of Trusted Contributors.
It may be okay for Blessed Committers to see the concern you have raised.

Updated 480 Days Ago

Thank you so much for your auditing!

The answer is: Yes. Sorry.

Here the related Task:

T15221: Fix regression caused by tags= prefiller (Value provided to "replaceQueryParam()" for key "tags" is NULL) from Milestone Workboard

Here the related proposed fix:

D25103: Workboard: fix regression caused by tags= prefiller

It was then accepted and it landed here:

rPfc9bbb9949f8: Workboard: fix regression caused by tags= prefiller

Mentioned in: 2023 Week 2

(All of this happened in less than 12 hours after your reporting. Yeeh! Go Phorge!)

Updated 479 Days Ago

Thank you very much for the really quick fix, it's appreciated!

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