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What are your Notification Configs? Why?
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Asked by valerio.bozzolan on Mar 26 2023, 09:12.


This is probably a speed-meetings question and not a technical question.


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This is what I want from my notifications here:

Email NotificationsDefault (Enable )I love emails
Self ActionsDisableThis thing is funny. With all respect it was invented for crazy persons ihih ·
Email FormatsDefaultI like the default formats.
Edit * DescriptionNotifyI consider changes to descriptions something that I can then discover by surfing the website and not by email.
A * associated projects change.NotifyGood to learn new Tags. Bad to fill my mailbox with these.
One of a task's subtasks changes status.NotifyGood to know that something I'm not following has a progress. But I don't need an email for that.
A * Subscribers/CC change.IgnoreI 100% don't want to know other people following me. Having this notification is dangerous for my productivity: it makes you want a shotgun to protect you from indiscriminate eyes, and this feeling is negative and nonsense.
A task is moved between columns on a workboard.IgnoreI can kill myself right now if I'm forced to receive this.
Project watcher list changes.IgnoreI don't care about what you want to watch with your eyes. They are your eyes, not mine. It's also frustrating since it seems you want to stalk my work. I live better if I don't know what you follow.

Watch Projects:

  • I never do. This feature makes no sense to me as it leads in medium/long terms to spikes of total nightmare burnout, unless you do not work alone all the time, or unless all of your coworkers are used to work with a pair of tweezers "To don't touch any typo to do not create unnecessary notifications", or unless you are good in Muting uninteresting stuff (that, by the way, makes no sense during work - you really should discover something and then Subscribe, or Unsubscribe, and not just Mute your coworkers working on something)
    • And how do you follow things up? I just Subscribe to things manually. Full stop.
    • And how do you discover new stuff? An Herald rule (not the one you are thinking). Read below.

Herald Rules:

  • I avoid at all costs Herald Rules that add me as Subscriber for any new things. I avoid this. Really, don't do this. You will go completely to burnout soon.
    • I don't want to end in hating my job, and invest my time in muting unimportant topics to survive, since there are topics I really would love to naturally follow and that are just flooded by any action applied to any other other stuff I never wanted to follow automatically. This is Dramatic.
    • This is also frustrating to see passively. I mean, I create a Task for Myself, I assign that Task to myself, and now 5 people Auto-Subscribe to that Task. From that moment I know that, if I do a burp, they probably receive a notification and this kills my safe space to describe a stub, add phrases, remove phrases, take notes, add comments, and triage. Really, don't do that. It's not useful for you, it sends you to burnout, and having you Auto-Subscribed puts me in a social deadlock. In any case I simply proceed to work, hoping you know how to use your notification preferences.
    • Auto-Subscribe Rules are also a nightmare during my professional work. Read the next line. It creates a very negative climate among coworkers. If there are persons auto-Subscribing all the time to all the stuff, everyone is no longer inclined to edit their creations because they "risk sending too many notifications to their boss, to their coworker, etc.". This is really a social damage. This really creates a shitty climate. Both for those who sign up and for those who feel they are being stalked. I not exaggerating. Maybe a bit. But don't Auto-Subscribe to everything, is nonsense.

So, how do you discover new stuff?

  • Here - and at work - I love the Herald rule "First time only" → "send me an email". NOTE: It does not say "Subscribe". So, I read something, I can say "Oh, interesting" and I can manually subscribe to that specific topic. This puts a lot of additional value on things I follow. If people see me in the Subscrivers, they know I'm taking care of the topic. And it allows me to ignore things thoughtfully.

Updated 70 Days Ago

Many hates self-action email. Should we disable it by default in this install?

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