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Does anyone have any documentation on setting up a dedicated GIT server to use with Phorge?
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Asked by kfoster on Wed, Mar 15, 15:34.


I currently run Phabricator and I am in the process of upgrading to Phorge. Currently, Diffusion is pointing to a local repo for GIT. My question comes from that I want to break the local repo away and create a new server just for GIT. I didn't see any documentation in Phabricator for this being an option, and a quick search here, I don't see one either.


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Thank you for this question. If I've understood correctly you want to expand your infrastructure to have two different hosts: one for Phorge, and another to host repositories.

I think it's really overkill to create such infrastructure if you just have 1 git repository. Honestly the company I work for has a Phorge with 300+ repositories (some are Git, some are Svn, all are on the same server) and they still no need clustering at all, and they are happy about that. There are no performance problems and the desire was to keep it as simple as possible.

Anyway, here is the Clustering documentation if you like to try:

Feel free to highlight specific problematic parts as another Question

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