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What is our opinion about "Self Actions"? (Personally, In our Team, in new installs)
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Asked by valerio.bozzolan on Feb 10 2023, 19:52.


Hi all!

First question: do you really like the "Self Actions" option?

Second question: do we really think that everybody should have a "Self Actions" option, enabled as default?

Honestly, at first, most Phorge/Phabricator newcomers find this option very weird and annoying. I mean, I personally like this option, it's useful to recap my day, but I personally would leave it disabled as default, and enabled only for my user.

In my perspective, for new Phabricator installations, having this option disabled would this saves a lot of time for administrators, since they do not have to explain to every users how to disable that option.

Honestly I will continue to set this option as disabled by default in my personal Phabricator installations, so as not to be killed by my users. Are you in a similar situation?

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Updated 419 Days Ago

No, we don't want Self-Action emails enabled by default in the upstream.

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