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Configure display of search results (for tasks)
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Asked by Higgs on Feb 8 2023, 07:44.


Currently search results on tasks contain just the tasks title and the assigned person. However, it would be very useful (for us) to have the ability to add other task fields to the search result, like for example who was the last person who commented or edited a task, when it was last edited, or display of additional custom fields, etc.

I have not (yet) found any information about how to add fields to the query result. Any thoughts if (how) this an be achieved right within Phorge? Of course we could setup an independent webapp and use Conduit on the server side. Any other ideas?


Updated 493 Days Ago

Try hacking the src/view/ManiphestTaskListView.php. It seems each row is just a PHUIObjectItemView.$54-64

I think nobody can stop you in having a small patch for that on your local installation.

Updated 383 Days Ago

Maybe you should be using the Maniphest Advanced Search feature instead of the global search? The advanced search has extensive options to customize the way results are presented.

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