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Pros and cons compared to Mantis
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Asked by ollehar on Feb 3 2023, 16:35.


Not sure if this question would be better asked on a forum but here we go.

We're using Mantis for bug tracking, but I'd like to see a switch to Phorge eventually. All our 200k users have an account, since we want the community to be able to submit bugs easily. This causes Mantis to basically hang at some pages where a user select box is rendered. We also have lots of bugs and feature requests we'd need to export and import into Phorge.

Mantis seem basically dead or at least they're not fixing bugs at any reasonable rate.

We'd probably only use the basic features of Phorge, since we're also using Github and Jira for pull requests and internal tasks. Phorge would be the community-facing part of the system.

Anyone had a similar experience?


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I don't have an answer on this since I don't know Mantissa very well

I tried the Mantis platform only to submit bugs to LimeSurvey.

By the way I'm the author of this comparison page that maybe can be improved or imported somewhere-else or it can be a good starting point to understand what could be compared to what-else:

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I want to close this question because I suspect it will not receive any good answers now.

I think the best way to progress is add a wiki section for "comparison with other tools", that will note the objective differences. Or maybe a link to someplace that already did that.

If that doesn't happen, I'll eventually close this as "obsolete".

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