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[Feature] Phorge integrates with Keycloak

Asked by zhe on Mar 28 2024, 06:17.


Hello, team,

Is it hard to integrate Phorge with Keycloak in generic OIDC? I find a related implementation for DEX here: I tried to do some changes to make it out. However, I failed.



Updated 30 Days Ago

Looking at T524, looks like "OIDC is just OAuth2", so it shouldn't be impossible.
But it's not trivial either - each OAuth provider has its own quirks[1], which is why we have special code for each provider and no generic implementation.

To implement this, we'd basically start with one of the existing OAuth providers, copy it, and then do the integration with Keycloak until it works.

[1] at least last time I checked, which was a bunch of years ago, but I didn't hear it got any better.

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