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Subtypes deadline switch to colored calendar icons
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Asked by littleggghost on Feb 27 2024, 13:14.


Hello @20after4

I want to use due date as a reminder, and I found you have solved before: "Deploy "Due Dates" / Deadlines feature"
My self-hosted phorge is used newly docker by docker hub, and wikimedia extension from
I copy this extension code to phorge source path, and use 'arc' commands to set the extension path.

$ cat /var/www/phorge/phorge/conf/local/local.json

"load-libraries": [
"pygments.enabled": true,
"diffusion.allow-http-auth": true,
"mysql.pass": "123456",
"mysql.user": "root",
"mysql.port": "3306",
"": "ph-database",
"files.enable-imagemagick": true,
"diffusion.ssh-port": 8022,
"": true,
"diffusion.ssh-user": "git",
"phd.user": "git"


I'm sure the extension is installed successfully, because in web UI, the 'applications' appears a new "Wikimedia Customizations", and in 'conduit' appears "user.ldapquery" and "user.mediawikiquery"

My maniphest.custom-field-definitions looks like this:

"deadline.due": {
  "name": "Due Date",
  "view": true,
  "edit": true,
  "description": "Deadline for completing the task.",
  "search": true,
  "fulltext": true,
  "type": "date",
  "copy": false
"estimated-hours": {
  "name": "Estimated Hours",
  "type": "int",
  "caption": "Estimated number of hours this will take.",
  "required": false


My maniphest.subtypes like this:

  "key": "default",
  "name": "Task"
  "key": "deadline",
  "name": "Deadline"
  "key": "feature",
  "name": "Feature"
  "key": "bug",
  "name": "Bug"


Problem: After install the extension and restart the docker service, in newly created tasks with due date, I can not see subtypes with colored calendar icons, it stills shows only "DEADLINE".

Did I miss something?


Updated 144 Days Ago

So it turns out that in order to enable this feature, there was a patch to Phabricator core which never got upstreamed. That patch is unique to the Wikimedia fork, and it hasn't been merged into phorge.

The original commit is

I will propose upstreaming that patch into Phorge but in the meantime you can apply the patch to your version if you would like to have the functionality sooner:

And here is a plain patch file that should apply cleanly to phorge master currently:

Note, there may be other commits that are needed also to fully enable this feature. I will dig a bit further to see what else might be related.

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