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This document outlines Phorge dependencies.

This document is manually curated and may not be completely exhaustive or up to date. It was last updated in March 2024.

Binary Dependencies

Phorge executes these programs in subprocesses; These programs needs to be provided by the system.

DependencyRequired for
gitWork with Git repositories in Diffusion.
git-upload-packHost a Git repository over SSH.
git-receive-packHost a Git repository over SSH.
git-http-backendHost a Git repository over HTTP/HTTPS.
hgWork with Mercurial repositories in Diffusion.
svnWork with SVN repositories in Diffusion.
svnadminHost a SVN repository.
pygmentizeCode highlights - when pygments.enabled.
sshHost or observe any SSH repository in Diffusion.
sendmailEnable a "Sendmail" mailer.
psRun bin/phd status.
mysqlRun certain administrative bin/storage commands.
nodeRun the Aphlict notification server.
convertEnable files.enable-imagemagick.
fileFallback MIME detection, mostly used by older versions of PHP.
ssh-keygenGenerate SSH keypairs.


  • Pygmentize can have a significant impact on page load speeds whenever code is displayed. Newer versions tend to be faster, so it's generally a good idea to stay updated.

Bundled Dependencies

Phorge ships with copies of these external dependencies.

JsShrink-Javascript minifier.
MimeMailParser-Parses inbound SMTP email. See also PHP Mailparse.
PEAR Text_Figlet-Renders figlet fonts.
PHPMailer5.1 (Modified)Sends outbound SMTP mail.
PHP QR Code1.1.4Generates QR codes for TOTP MFA.
Stripe PHP API1.16.0Interacts with Stripe in Phortune.
D3.js5.9.2Draws charts.
JSONLint-Provides detailed JSON error messages.
PHP Porter Stemmer-Reduces English-language search terms to stems.


  • PHPMailer is a mess. We've tried to patch around most of the most serious RCE issues. It will be removed in a future version of Phorge. See T15758 and T12046 .

Media/Resource Dependencies

Phorge ships with copies of these external dependencies, but only uses assets like images and does not execute any code they contain.

cowsay3.03For ASCII cow graphics only, code is not executed.
Figlet2.1For ASCII fonts only, code is not executed.
Octicons-Icon pack.
Openwall Wordlist-List of common passwords.
FontAwesome-Icon font.
Lato Font-Google web font.
CLDR Windows Timezone Data-An XML file with Windows timezone mappings.

External PHP Library Dependencies

Phorge may load and execute these dependencies if they are installed on the system and Phorge is configured to use them.

PHP MailparseParses inbound SMTP email.
PHPExcelGenerates Excel spreadsheets.


  • PHPExcel has been deprecated in favor of PhpSpreadsheet - see T15140
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