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files upload page cannot handle chunked upload
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Steps to reproduce

  1. (Phorge rPd519f75dfdee / Arcanist rARCca72430916af)
  2. Configure uploader to handle chunked uploads.
  3. Go to /file/upload (for example
  4. Try to upload files +8MB.

Expected result

It uploads, with chunked upload.

Actual result

It fails, claiming no file engines can handle this.

However, when you try to upload a file via maniphest editor (the upload button in this page) or drag-and-drop, phorge understands that it should go to chunked upload and utilizes chunked upload, for example in the case of F2191615 (tried in the answer section of Q135). So, only logical conclusion is 'file/upload cannot handle chunked upload'.