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Ponder: edits to answers are not reflected consistently in comments to it
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Filled by @Jack_who_built_the_house in Q129.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open
  2. Open comments of the answer by aklapper
  3. Look for "aklapper updated the answer details. (Show Details)" at "Mon, Apr 22, 08:42" (UTC) (in yellow)

Expected behavior
There should be an entry of "aklapper updated the answer details" after that one, because aklapper edited that answer after that, at Mon, Apr 22, 13:00 UTC, which can be seen in the answer history:

Actual behavior
This is the last entry of "aklapper updated the answer details".

(The history of that question may change as more comments are delivered, but the bug will likely stay in one form or another.)

aklapper edited their answer once again, and now his edit at Mon, Apr 22, 13:00 UTC is displayed, but the latest edit isn't. So it seems to be a problem of a kind "used i < answers.length instead of i <= answers.length" or something.