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Email notifications are not being sent
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Asked by rwoolf on Dec 6 2023, 00:26.


I have a system configured with a Sendmail mailer. Postfix is on the same server with Phorge. But none of the notifications are being sent for any user. Users have their preferences set to send emails, and have verified their emails.

All administrative emails are sending for when people request accounts or need to change password, etc. So we know Sendmail is working for some things.

phabricator.silent is not set.

Performing ./bin/mail list-outbound only lists the administrative type emails. No notifications for Maniphest or anything else is ever listed when list-outbound is run.

I can successfully send emails using ./bin/mail send-test

I'm at a loss as to how to debug this problem further. Are there any known issues around this? Or can someone direct me to where I can get better debug information to see what might be going wrong?


Updated 211 Days Ago

Check if the phd daemon is running.

./bin/phd status
./bin/phd start

Check anything in its log files.

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