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Add support for Cloudflare Turnstile (A Captcha alternative)?

Asked by Lectrician1 on Aug 21 2023, 03:27.


I would like to make my Phorge installation available to public registration but I'm concerned that it could be spammed with bot accounts.

I would like to add a bot-protection script to my Phorge to my site like Cloudflare Turnstile. Could someone create a task for this feature request?

Implementing Turnstile requires 2 changes:


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Updated 329 Days Ago

We theoretically have support for Recaptcha, although it's not exactly documented - check the "advanced settings" under "Config", and search for "captcha".

The description says it's about login attempts, but the code looks like would also handle registration attempts.

Want to try it out and see if it solves your problem?

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