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modify task title from within a Herald action
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Asked by Higgs on Mar 10 2023, 12:32.


I have added a Herald rule that fires whenever a task is modified.
Depending on what exactly is modified in the task i want to add some marker into the task title, like for example:

old title:

My arbitrary task title

shall be renamed to:

[xxx] My arbitrary task title

where what xxx is will be determined by a custom herald action.

This is an abbreviated version of my applyEffect method:

public function applyEffect($object, HeraldEffect $effect) {

    // works perfect:
    $adapter = $this->getAdapter();
    $task = $adapter->getTask();
    $title = $task->getTitle();

    // does not change the task title:
    if (some condition) {
            $title = '[xxx]'.$title; // of course the replacement is more complex, but that is not the point here
            $task->setTitle ( $title ); // expect the title changes

I have verified that the herald action is called and "some condition" is true. I also verified the $task->settitle() is called. However, nothing changed and no error is thrown.

Question: What else do i need to add so that the task title eventually gets modified ?


Updated 401 Days Ago

i think i found the answer after digging deeper into the Phorge code:

public function applyEffect($object, HeraldEffect $effect) {
    $adapter = $this->getAdapter();
    $task = $adapter->getTask();
    $title = $task->getTitle();

    if ($some_condition==true) {
            $title = '[xxx]'.$title;
            $task->setTitle ( $title ); // probably not needed

            $transaction = new ManiphestTransaction();
            $type= ManiphestTaskTitleTransaction::TRANSACTIONTYPE;

Further tips are welcome,

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