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Email notification says SMTP Error Data not accepted
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Asked by sicenul on Nov 1 2022, 09:12.
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Nov 2 2022, 06:09
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Nov 1 2022, 09:12


  • Currently I still use phabricator, (I don't know where to ask since phabricator is no longer actively maintained)
  • Until yesterday, email notification is working properly and successfully sent a notification
    image.png (494×631 px, 54 KB)
  • But today, email message is queued and shows SMTP Error: Data not accepted. I have googled, and get this error typically indicates that the "From" email address does not match the SMTP username.
  • The fact is I didn't change any setting on local.json.
  • Maybe I need to reset the config so that the "From" email address does match the SMTP username. Any idea how to do this?
  • Or maybe another solutions?

Please enlighten me. Thank you.

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