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Are there plans to switch from PHPExcel to PHPSpreadsheet for Maniphest task export
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Asked by MauMoJo on Oct 24 2022, 07:56.



I have installed PHPExcel on the machine my phabricator install is running.
When I try to export Maniphest tasks with it, I get the following exception:
Unhandled Exception ("RuntimeException")
Trying to access array offset on value of type float.

Install: Latest changelog from phabricator 2022 Week 21 (Late May)
php: 7.4.30

The PHPExcel repository is archived by the owner - and there is a successor PHPSpreadsheet.

I have seen discussions about that topic T13049#234804 and D18958

Is someone else running into these export problems? Might it be due to a newer php version?

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Updated 517 Days Ago

I filed T15140 to eventually get this done...

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