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Support for migrations from Phabricator
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Asked by MCPCN on Oct 6 2022, 12:32.


We are running quite an old version of Phabricator and were keen to get support to have it upgraded to the latest and greatest version when Phacility made the announcement last year.

Great to see that Phorge is up and running - is anyone able to provide support/consultancy for a migration? Ideally want to run Phorge in a Docker container (internally) but are open to other options.

Any questions, give me a shout.


Updated 548 Days Ago

There is already a migration guide: Update From Phabricator.
You need to use the latest version of Phabricator to migrate to Phorge. See the guide here:

Updated 394 Days Ago

The only problem in my opinion is: being sure that you are able to make a backup of the database and of the files, and then being sure to be able to restore your database and your files. After that, you can do whatever you want to try to upgrade Phabricator, and then advance to Phorge.

Please invest some time in having confidence with the backup process:

After that I'm sure that you will have less fear to try the 10-minutes upgrade. (At least, for me it was really 10 minutes, doing all slowly and with care.)

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