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arc land error

Authored by waldyrious on Nov 9 2023, 22:55.
$ arc patch D25458
Created and checked out branch arcpatch-D25458.
Checking patch src/applications/settings/controller/PhabricatorSettingsTimezoneController.php...
Applied patch src/applications/settings/controller/PhabricatorSettingsTimezoneController.php cleanly.
COMMITTED Successfully committed patch.
$ arc land
STRATEGY Merging with "squash" strategy, the default strategy.
SOURCE Landing the current branch, "arcpatch-D25458".
ONTO REMOTE Landing onto remote "origin", the default remote under Git.
ONTO TARGET Landing onto target "master", the default target under Git.
INTO REMOTE Will merge into remote "origin" by default, because this is the remote the change is landing onto.
INTO TARGET Will merge into target "master" by default, because this is the "onto" target.
FETCH Fetching "master" from remote "origin"...
$ git fetch --no-tags --quiet -- origin master
INTO COMMIT Preparing merge into "master" from remote "origin", at commit "8507d3a95072".
LANDING These changes will land:
* D25458 Adjust message in timezone conflict form
5c84fe9a2008 Adjust message in timezone conflict form
>>> Land these changes? [y/N/?] y
MERGING 5c84fe9a2008 Adjust message in timezone conflict form
MERGE Attempting to rebase changes.
DONE Merge succeeded.
PUSHING Pushing changes to "origin".
$ git push -- origin 039b45a66ca7:refs/heads/master
fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403
LOAD STATE Restoring local state (to ref "arcpatch-D25458" at commit "5c84fe9a2008").
USAGE EXCEPTION Push failed! Fix the error and run "arc land" again.

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