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Event: {E5}


Agenda Items and Notes:

  1. Action item check-in
  2. Landing Page (Moved from previous meeting)
  3. Add additional agenda items here

Action items:

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May 3 2022, 19:37

Event Timeline

Thinking that based on the first item in (2) Rebrand here:

It sounds like Evan may be motivated towards working on the rebranding process and is in the middle of it?

So, he's likely come up with a pattern and we would just continue with it...

We'll need to revisit the upstream merging, and the way I had tried that isn't ideal.. Some notes on that here:

@dtf Pointed out that this thread on secure is highly relevant:

It also brought to light that it might be useful for some to subscribe to it, but there's no way for a number of us to do that, since no new accounts are being added... So hopefully we can get occasional info on that or perhaps some new accounts can be created for Phorge team