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As a support option we have an IRC Channel. It is #phorge on

Phorge is a registered project on libera, which means that we have control over channels beginning with #phorge, and cloaks beginning with @phorge.

If for some reason action needs to be taken in the channel, please ask one of our channel moderators. Currently they include:


If you are a trustworthy user (ideally a member of Trusted Contributors, but there can be exceptions) and would like a phorge cloak, you may request one by talking to now of our group contacts. Currently they are @MacFan4000 and @speck. If they approve your request, they will ask libera staff to give you the cloak. You will need to verify your account on phorge (this site), by sending the contact a message on conphrence or similar, confirming that you want the cloak. This is to prevent abuse. You also must be registered and logged in on IRC. (Via NickServ)

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